Investigate Before We Imitate!

There is a powerful lesson here if we will STOP, read it many times, read the verse many times, and then ask God a simple question: “Do I want MY life to like THEIR life … the one they HIDE from everyone? (If we don’t know what their “hidden life” is then we SHOULD NOT want or imitate their life!

We want a REAL WORLD life, not the plastic, pretend life people see on the platform of a church or ministry.

We would ask questions like,

* Are they moral or immoral?
* Do they tell the truth or do they lie?
* Do they use their money wisely or do they always BEG what others have?

Questions like this are essential to answer BEFORE we start wanting the life of the leader we are following.

The EASIEST way to do this is to be DISCIPLED – get to know them in everyday settings often – like Jesus did with his disciples.

Be blessed and DO NOT follow a leader you DO NOT know their “hidden life” well.

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