Hope For Today #164 – God’s Expansion Plans Become Visible In Our Lives When …


Are you still waiting? I mean, 2020 started off with great hopes and aspirations, didn’t it? And then Covid-19 came along and ruined most people’s excitement and dreams! Many people forgot that God is not fazed by current events no matter how good or bad they are. When God wants to do something, he will do it!

Hi there, I’m Dr. Matthew Lee Smith and I want to share some Hope For Today about the fact thatGod’s expansion plans become visible in our lives when He acts on His Covenant with us!

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Kate and I and the whole Eagles In Leadership team are so excited about what God is doing with us in

2020 – Our Year of Expansion!

As August begins and we step boldly into the last few months of 2020, many of us have been preparing for all that God wants to do with us this year and in 2021!

So begin making plans now for mission, ministry, and more!

And we want to include YOU  in our EXPANSION plans for 2021!

  • So, in 2021 Kate and I will be leading a TWO TOURS throughout Israel! You have ALWAYS wanted to “walk where Jesus walked!” THIS is your opportunity! Just click the tab, Israel Tours, on the Eagles in leadership website for more details and a registration form.
  • Perhaps you would love to see the pages of your New Testament EXPLODE in front of you! We are thrilled to tell you have we are leading the Steps of Paul and the Glories of Greece tour in November of 2021! Just click the tab, Israel Tours, on the Eagles in leadership website for more details and a registration form.
  • Now, everything is included in ALL THREE OF THESE TOURS with the exception of a few clearly indicated items. If would like to go to Israel or Greece in 2021 and see your Bible come alive, take a moment, go to our website – Eagles In Leadership .org– explore the tours and message us about the Israel or Greece tours!
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