What Covid-19 Has Given Me!

While joining in corporate worship is good and it is enjoyable to honor His name with God’s people, I am thrilled for the time alone with Him daily in the Word as I hear His voice so clearly and He shares His plans so distinctly.

As He speaks, I stand in awe and bow before Him. Who am I that God would choose me and what is my family that He would want to use us in these amazing plans He is describing daily to me?

Yes, corporate worship will be wonderful again and I will be glad to reconnect with my spiritual family on a face-to-face basis each weekend.

But my spiritual life is amazingly good right now. My ministry time has increased as people seek me out for counsel and as I seek out others for their wisdom and prayer.

These are great days for planning and preparation to accomplish the Prime Directive King Jesus gave each one of us before He departed: Make disciples of all nations!

So, as I rise and throughout my day – each day – I am working on that very directive. And I seek His heart and direction as I plan for the next season “out in the fields” that are white unto harvest.

Yes, it will be good to be back with God’s people assembled, to worship His glorious Name again in unison.

However, Covid-19 has given me a gift … a greater focus on the One who is my life (Colossians 3.4). And I am so grateful and excited to be preparing in His presence, in His words, with His Spirit for what lies beyond!

When we reopen – and we WILL reopen – I will be ready for the next season to fulfill King Jesus’ Prime Directive of Making Disciples BECAUSE of this season. I am so grateful. Hallelujah!

~ Doc Smith

Kiwatule, Kampala, Uganda

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