Scripture: When We Are Accused!

6 Scriptures on Accusation

Searching the Bible recently, we discovered some interesting facts about accusations!

We all suffer from accusers, and at times, we must admit we too have accused people. This spirit of our old birth, from our old father, the devil, must be removed from our “toolbox” of relational interactions.

To be an encouragement, these verses can be a source of great motivation to reject the spirit of accusation when it wants to rear its ugly head and spew from our hearts and mouths. In these days a social media vitriol, let’s be children of mercy and remember that “love covers over a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8, NIV)

So, here’s what we can realize about accusation …

  • Accusations without witnessing the pain and right lifestyle of the one suffering is the act of an angry person (Job 34:5-9, MEV)
  • An accusing witness often accuses us about imaginary events (Psalm 35:11, MEV)
  • Often invented accusations can contain threats that the accuser wants us to respond to, often just to distract and derail the good work we are doing (Nehemiah 6:5-7, MEV)
  • Accusations are often meant to frighten us and to slow the work of God (Nehemiah 6:8-9, MEV)
  • But we need to remember, that the accusations against us can create prayer targets for us and we should ask God to remember attackers (Nehemiah 6:11-14, MEV)
  • The accusations made by the Pharisees were met with a greater response by Jesus … He turned their accusations against them and asked for their accountability to the Word of God (Matthew 15:1-9, MEV)

As you can see, the accuser is often trying to derail the work of God. When possible, ignore them. When not possible, hold them to account for their lifestyle as it pertains to the expressed, revealed Word of God!





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