21 Days! Week 3, January 18th – Our Faith In Action Over Our Family Lives!

Week 3: A Week of Faith in Action!

January 18th

Our Faith In Action Over Our Family Lives!

We’re Acting on What God Says!

Read: Matthew 12:46-50; Luke 2:51-52; 3 John 1:3-4

Believe: Love is spelled O-B-E-Y and is seen in our SACRIFICE for others, just as King Jesus died for us because He loved us. Walking in the truth of God (as we discover it from His words in the Bible) is what God looks for before He expands our family! (Remember, God blesses His Will which is discovered in His Words! So, no matter what else in 2020, let us choose to walk in the Truth of God as expressed in the pages of His Words for Our Year of Expansion!)

Ask: So, ask God these three questions and listen throughout your day for His responses:

• Will You encourage me to DO YOUR DESIRE EVERY DAY as reflected through Your Words in the Bible, regardless of what the latest teaching is or what the deepest desire of my flesh is right now – in other words, will You encourage me be FAITHFUL in my family to You and Your Words in the Bible?
• Since I long to be the child that You listen to and respond quickly to, please show me how I can OBEY You more completely when it comes to my family life – how can I IMITATE You, King Jesus, as I serve my family?
• Will You show me how to remain faithful to Your will and Your desires by applying the things I am reading in my Bible to my family life … being sacrificially selfless instead of self-centeredly selfish?

Pray: Lord, I know that if I cannot demonstrate love inside my family as a result of my heart, I will never be able to expand your Kingdom OUTSIDE my family. So, today I ask You to forgive my selfishness and lack of sacrifice inside my home to the members of my family. I ask you to cleanse me of wrong attitudes and focus me on right actions. I want 2020 to be My Year of Expansion! So I know I will need to demonstrate true love inside my home FIRST and learn how to love more than be selfish. Give me the courage to do this. I love You so much, King Jesus. Amen.”

Be Specific: Now, pour out your heart to God for the things you are praying and fasting for, ESPECIALLY asking God to answer the three questions above!

A Year of Expansion!

This week is all about seeing that we are willing to do WHAT IT TAKES to live by faith in our ENTIRE lives!

More coming tomorrow! Stay alert for our next post as we continue WEEK THREE of 2020: Our Year of Expansion!

PLEASE take the time to share your experiences below as we step out by FAITH and trust God for greater EXPANSION in our lives!

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