21 Days! 2020 Has Begun! Celebrate Today!


Celebrate today with family and friends!

2020 will be our year of EXPANSION!

Fasting and prayer will begin tomorrow!

We will …

  • Read a passage of Scripture
  • Pray for God’s working IN US
  • Pray for God’s working FOR US
A Year of Expansion!

We are excited about what God is doing and will do in 2020 in our lives. PLEASE take the time to share your experiences below as we step out by FAITH and trust God for greater EXPANSION in our lives!

More coming soon! Stay alert for our next post tomorrow as we begin 21 Days!

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2 Responses to 21 Days! 2020 Has Begun! Celebrate Today!

  1. Ejim says:

    God will rebuild the walls of my family just as He did to the Israelites through Nehemiah the prophet. My family will no longer live in shame but bask In the glory and splendor of God’s blessings.

    • Dr. Matthew Lee Smith says:

      Praise God! Cry out to Jesus!

      Follow the helps these 21 Days! God is working!

      Please share the results!

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