Patience and Purity When Wanting Sex

In part two of this three-part interview, Dr. Smith talks with Keisa Jones, author of Preparation While You Wait, Real Talk For Women of God Waiting On Their Promise about patience and purity when wanting sex.

In today’s episode, author Keisa Jones speaks to us about patience and how she has developed it when she wants sex but is single and saved. She also talks about her incredible trust in God and how she has developed that trust with God and where it has lead her to.

Eagles In Leadership highly recommends Keisa’s book to you. If you would like to purchase Keisa’s book, just click the book title here: Preparation While You Wait, Real Talk For Women of God Waiting On Their Promise.

* WARNING: This is a frank and transparent discussion and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

About our guest author: Keisa Jones is a passionate woman of great faith and loves the Lord with every fiber of her being. She is an encourager, motivator and servant leader in the Body of Christ; being called to share the truth and love of God to the NATIONS. She understands the mandate from God to go to the nations and kingdoms “to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” During an encounter 10 years ago with the power of salvation, she fully surrendered her life to God. Learning through prayer, relationship and the study of God’s Word has been her focus and commitment.

She currently serves as a Minister of Open Door Worship Center under the leadership of Bishop Deon and Prophetess Fannette Douglas. The Lord has given Keisa a heart and passion for leaders and those hurt and broken. She has dedicated her life to live as a true example of a BELIEVER and FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ. Her motto has become, “For God I live and for God, I die!

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