Transformed #295: How God Transforms Our Future!


Nothing stirs the heart to do more than when one reaps a good harvest from their previous labors.

Welcome to the Transformed Podcast. I’m your host Mike Powers, the executive vice president of media here on the Eagles In Leadership network.

We are happy to know that you have chosen to listen in as we continue our series entitled, Embracing the Presence of God. Today, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Lead Pastor at Woodland Drive Baptist Church in Visalia California drives home the issue that for every harvest that we experience today, there was a planting of the seeds of today’s crop some time ago.

As you sit back and get comfortable, please open your Bible to Galatians 6 as Pastor Matt opens the Word and encourages us to plant the seeds of an amazing future!

Have you opened a good book lately?

Are you seeking to bring Jesus to your family, your neighborhood, your community?

May we suggest thinking about two books that will stir your soul and provide you with practical ideas to accomplish your goals?

Growing Missional Leaders provides you

  • with stories of opportunities lost and captured,
  • with Biblical support time and again
  • and stepping stone discussion questions that will allow the Spirit of God to focus your heart and soul (and that of those who study with you) on the people all around you for whom Christ died!

The other book is …

Gathering Missional Leaders which takes our passion for reaching others to the next level by exploring the elements necessary to building a strong and vibrant coalition of men and women who will reach their world in their generation!

  • Part 1 provides direction in gathering the leaders you need
  • and part 2 shows how to focus these Great Commission men and women for even greater effectiveness.

You can order either book, or both, from Amazon by clicking the link provided in the show notes.


Now, until the next time, this is Mike Powers reminding you that we, at Eagles In Leadership, are dedicated to helping you Encourage Achievement in Godly Leaders by Emphasizing Servanthood.”

God bless!

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