Finding Your Way Back to God

Finding Your Way Back to God

“This book is your invitation to start—or restart—your journey toward an authentic connection with God. The awakenings Dave and Jon Ferguson guide you through are nothing less than life changing.” —Mark Batterson, pastor, National Community Church Washington, DC; author of The Circle Maker


A New Book by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson

Eagles In Leadership is pleased to let you know about a great new book by our friends, Dave and Jon Ferguson! We highly recommend you purchasing, reading and giving this book away to your friends who are wandering from God or who have never had a personal relationship with God!

Each of us spends our lives on a journey toward God. Yet often our most deeply felt longings—for meaning, for love, for significance—end up leading us away from, instead of toward, our Creator and the person he made us to be.

Finding Your Way Back to God shows you how to understand and listen to your longings in a whole new way. It’s about waking up to who you really are and daring to believe that God wants you to be found even more than you want to find him. It’s about making the biggest wager of your life: “God, if you are real, then make yourself real to me” – and seeing if God responds.


As part of a special promotion that runs through March 31, 2015, if you purchase up to 25 copies of Finding Your Way Back To Godyou will receive an equal number of free copies from the Multnomah Publishing Group. Just save the receipt number and follow the instructions at to request your free copy.

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