Transformed Episode #168 – Devoted to God’s Heart!

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Welcome to the Transformed podcast.

The Focus of the Church is the exaltation of Jesus Christ as King of all – our purpose, our meaning, our agenda, our income, our expenses, our treasure, our time, our talents, our lives.

In our second study on the Church, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California explains that the disciples of Jesus are dedicated to intimacy with Jesus, constantly seeking His direction and His will in each and every decision.

Now let’s join Pastor Matt as we discover that the focus of the church is called worship – acknowledging that God Alone through Jesus Christ is worthy of our lives!



And with that challenge to join a small group for discipleship, Dr. Smith continues answering the question: What Is The Church?

Perhaps you would you consider sharing this message with a friend? God longs to release the captives of our culture into the freedom of faith. Thank you!

If you would like to explore how you can be a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ, Dr. Smith has written a book to take you to the next level!

Growing Missional Leaders is a practical passionate, Biblical mentoring journey for individuals, small groups, leadership teams and congregations who desire to win their world for Christ.

Readers will appreciate the enthusiastic and Spirit-filled hope God provides as Matthew …

* Tells stories – of lost opportunities and successes with friends – that give powerful, encouragement of personal and corporate outreach

* Opens Bible passages – again and again – showing God’s heart is to bring his lost children home

* Provides stimulating discussion questions – at the end of each chapter -providing the stepping stones to launching fresh ministry into your community Believers hungering to reach their world for Christ will be energized by this passionate call to fulfill Christ’s Gospel and the invigorating manner in which their thought processes will be stretched to God-sized proportions.

You can order your copy Growing Missional Leaders at the Eagles In Leadership website by clicking the appropriate link on the right hand side panel of the Eagles In Leadership website.

Today’s episode was recorded live in El Segundo, California and edited by Ryan Longsworth in Los Angeles, California.

And now, until next time, we are praying that you would be filled with the love of God so that you can demonstrate His love to the lost and dying in your city! God bless!


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