Moody Pastors Conference 2013 Discount

We are pleased to offer you a per person discount of $50 for Pastors’ Conference 2013. The conference will be held on campus in Chicago from May 20-23, 2013.

Details on the conference can be found here.

Speakers and musicians can be found here.

This discount would apply to any registration type. (It does not apply to spouse meals or the wives mini-conference). This code MUST be entered when registering; it cannot be applied retroactively.

Our discount code for the event is: EAGLES2013

This promotional code and it is now active and you may register here.

It is essential that we spread the word of this discount. In order to receive any discount in future years, Moody will require at least 50 gentlemen to register using this code for this conference. So I am asking you to send this information to every pastor you know that MIGHT possibly have an interest in the conference SO THAT we can continue to offer this discount again in the next years!

Thanks for your help in this matter. I look forward to seeing you and your friends in Chicago in May 2013.



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2 Responses to Moody Pastors Conference 2013 Discount

  1. Leonard Reiss says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity. However, I always try to register by February. Thus, our church was unable to take advantage of these savings. Could you notify us sooner in the future, please? Our church is in a very economically depressed area and every little bit is a huge help.

    Thanks. I’m praying that the numbers will show up.

    • Matthew Smith says:

      Leonard, thank you for your comments. We had placed this information early this year on our website. We would love to have had you included. I am sorry that you just are receiving it at this time, perhaps you heard of it on the Moody Facebook page. We hope that the discount is available next year. We have been told if we do not have 50 users this year, the discount will not be offered again. So, any help to let anyone you know who may be interested in it for this year is greatly appreciated.

      We encourage you to subscribe to the emails so that you can be aware of the discount as soon as it is available in the fall, if it is provided by Moody Conference Ministries for next year.

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