Episode 135 – How Do I Enjoy a Fruitful Life?

Welcome to the Transformed podcast.

In today’s episode, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Lead Pastor at Pacific Baptist Church in El Segundo, California will show us from Galatians 5 how we can live a life blessed by the fruitfulness of God!

Consider the possibilities of the favor of God dripping from every aspect of your life.

As we study today, Pastor Matt explains that there are 3 sets of balancing instructions for those who truly want to display the fruitful life of God.

Let’s open our Bibles to Galatians 5 as we follow along in our study today …



Pulling out the weeds of the self-driven lifestyle and feeding our spiritual nature is what the fruitful life is all about. As Pastor Matt prayed, men and women across the auditorium chose to take these actions in their lives … did you? We hope you did.

Perhaps you would like to explore the abundant life in more detail. Dr. Smith has written a daily devotional book that will help you do just that!

In His Presence is a detailed look at walking with God through life’s ups and downs. Built around the premise that God welcomes you into His presence with joy and pleasure, In His Presence helps you see that the life of abundance can only be enjoyed when we take everything to the Lord and walk every day at His right hand.

You can order a copy of In His Presence from Amazon by clicking the link on the side panel of the Eagles In Leadership website.

And now, until next time, we are praying that you would be filled with the love of God so that you can demonstrate His love to the lost and dying in your city! God bless!

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