Walking by Faith or by Sight?

As you may know, Melodee and I are leading a tour of Israel in February of 2013. (That’s 10 months from now.) Here’s the link for details: https://www.eaglesinleadership.org/israel-trip-2013/

As I have been inviting people, a most curious pattern has occurred that recently I took notice of. Let me explain. My initiation goes like this:

“Would love to invite you to Israel with me in 2013! This will be an amazing trip! I know you would be SO transformed. There are hardly words to explain what happens inside when you go. You will NEVER be the same after you go to Israel. (And I am teaching all along the way!) I will be glad to answer ALL your questions.”

“Would you at least pray and ask God this question: ‘Why shouldn’t I go to Israel with Doc?’ and let him answer. I’ll be praying with you! I also have a sample fund raising letter if you would like help there too. Details here: https://www.eaglesinleadership.org/israel-trip-2013/. Message me with any questions.”

Reponses Reveal the Soul

As I post these via email or Facebook, one group of people, after a period of reflection and consideration reply, “Doc, I’ll pray about that.” The other group, almost immediately, reply, “Sorry Doc, I couldn’t afford that.”

At first I simply took no notice of it. And then, upon further reflection, I realized something: How many times do I simply discount a thing without ever consulting God? I mean, seriously, how did I know I should go on this trip at this time? I did it by faith. You see, I don’t have the money for this trip either yet!

But what if God wanted you to go and you never asked him? We tout pious platitudes like, “Where God guides, God provides!” However, what if God did allow you this [or some other] opportunity and you or I simply dismissed it because, we don’t have money.

A Changed Perspective

“Where God guides, God provides!” Do I believe it? Yes, I do! So, through this process I have come to a fresh approach. When God allows an opportunity to come my way, I say this to Him; Since you have allowed this to come my way, I believe you want me to consider and pray about it. I will plan to go until you say, “No.”

And so, now I take every opportunity as direction for prayer and for work. So, Israel is a go. And I am working to fund this trip because God has given me the opportunity to go. (I even wrote a fund raising letter and will mail those soon as well!) Why? Because I believe that, “Where God guides, God provides!”

What do your actions show you really believe?

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