Episode 102 – My Donation: What Will I Do to Make a Difference?


Today we wrap up a 4 message series on the ABCs of Loving God with the study, My Donations: What will I do to make a difference?

As Dr. Matthew Smith, lead pastor at Pacific Baptist Church of El Segundo, opens the Bible to Luke 6, he focuses our attention on an issue that is dear to many of us: How can I make a difference in this life?

As he wraps us this series, let’s open our Bibles and discover that it’s not the duration of your life but your donation in life that really matters.


As we enter into February, we will turn our attention to the Biblical focus of “loving our neighbor as our self.” Dr. Smith will begin a new series next time entitled “Walking with the Wounded: Having God’s heart for our next-door neighbors!” We know you will want to invite a friend to sign up for the podcast notices at our website, EaglesInLeadership.org, so they can enjoy these Biblical messages of inspiration and growth!

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