Transformed Episode #086 – Questions the New Year Brings: Question 4


Schedules from work, school, community groups and church often seem to clutter our lives and, we are almost driven to insanity as we seek to make sense of the mess. In the coming year, I want to serve people as Jesus did when he was on Earth. But how do I do that? What does that mean? Come as we hash out what it means to life 2010 in a manner that imitates the service of Jesus to others.

Lets open our Bibles to Mark 10.35-45 and let Pastor Matt answer our 4th question: How will I serve as if others are Jesus before me in the coming year?

We hope you have made the choice to put God first in your life in 2010. Starting the New Year thinking Godʼs thoughts is made easier with Pastor Mattʼs book, In His Image.

We are sure this book will show you both how to love like God loves and enjoy his direction on a daily basis. Copies are available on the side bar at the website. We encourage you to order yours today.

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