Leonard Sweet Shares With Eagles In Leadership

sweetJoin Dr. Matthew Lee Smith as he interviews Leonard Sweet about his new book, the church and his “Twitter Theology.” As a friend of EIL, Len shares from his heart concerning the nature of the church as God has designed it, and some vital keys to being effective in the ‘Google world’ we now live in.

Dr. Leonard Sweet is the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Theological School at Drew University. He also serves as a consultant to many of America’s denominational leaders and agencies. In 2006 and 2007, he was voted “One of the 50 Most Influential Christians in America.” Dr. Sweet is the author of more than one hundred articles, over six hundred published sermons, and a wide array of books. To learn more, visit him at www.leonardsweet.com.

And don’t forget to get a copy of Len’s newest book, “So Beautiful” – God’s divine design shines through everything, from DNA’s double helix to the blueprint for his church. Referencing the life of John Newton, Sweet calls for a reunion of complementary strands that make up the “beautiful” structure of the church—missional, relational, and incarnational—and shows how today’s congregations can weave them together to accomplish God’s purpose. You can order a copy of Leonard’s book by clicking this link: So Beautiful: Divine Design for Life and the Church

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