Transformed Episode #066 – Transformation Beyond Your Wildest Dreams! Part 1

Today, “How To” books fill the racks of local book stores. You can find cook books for people who want to cook; repair books for people who want to fix things; investment books for people who want a better future; parenting books for people who want to raise good children and relationship books for people who want lasting love and loyalty.

Yet in out text today, and in this book of Ephesians, we have a “How To” book for the life of the true disciple of Jesus Christ. The book can be called, How to Conduct Yourself In The Body of Christ, the Local Church!

And how should we conduct ourselves toward others? We are to imitate God’s love by interceding for them when they are in trouble; by comforting them when they are hurting; by encouraging them when they are discouraged; and by speaking well of them to others!

As senior pastor, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith teaches the congregation at the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes CA, he shows us how we should imitate the love of God inour relationships with others.

Let’s listen in now as Pastor Matt teaches us how to enjoy transformation – beyond your wildest dreams!

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