A Week of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a uniquely Christ-like thing to do! It is the essential quality to living a life of joy and pleasure. When we are forgiving, we are no longer trapped in prisons of pain. We no longer live in the past – at the event of hurt – but are free to move forward into a future of happiness and possibility.

This week is National Forgiveness Week. What an appropriate week to shine the love of Jesus by forgiving those who have wounded us! We can define forgiveness is two ways … One is relinquishing bitterness or vengeance, and the second is adopting a merciful response towards the offender — finding even a small way in which you can genuinely wish good for the offender.

Download this helpful brochure and invest this week in meaningful change! Forgiveness is the gift that releases the heart and opens the soul to the life of God. Download here: a-week-of-forgiveness_pub1

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