Transformed Episode #058 – The Trust Test: 2

Trusting God is a process of removing our self-dependence. When we desire to trust God more, he initiates an amazing transformation, a ‘purging process’ which Pastor Jim Cymbala describes in his book, “Break Through Prayer” …

“This purging process rids us of self-dependence so that our faith can remain solely in God. It refines us of self-indulgence so we can walk in holiness. It deepens our surrender to God’s will in preference to other more convenient options. And the experience reminds us that God’s grace is sufficient as we wait for the fulfillment of his word. We must accept that many breakthroughs are not instantaneous. Instead, they place us in the refiner’s fire. Yet the Lord’s purpose is not to diminish but to abundantly bless us in the end!”

As we complete our series ‘The Trust Test’, we will also finish understanding the ways in which we can learn how to trust God more completely from our study of Proverbs 3.  The series wraps up with a message entitled, “The Trust Test – Part 2.”

As the hearts of a nation grew increasingly fearful back in October of 2008, Pastor Matt continued to encourage the people of First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, California to step out in faith and demonstrate their trust in God.

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