Transformed Podcast: Episode #043 – Becoming a Church of Compassion

Have you ever wondered what God is up to these days? I know I have! In the midst of some of the most turbulent financial times our globe has seen in years, God is doing something special!

How do we discover what God is up to? We do that by looking backwards for a moment and watching His footsteps inside of our past.

“Becoming a Church of Compassion’ is a message about hope and potential … potential to discover what God is up to in your neighborhood. Pastor Matt Smith explores the direction God is leading the congregation at the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, California … one he hopes you will also take by following these same steps, only in your part of the world.

Looking into Acts 9, let’s join Dr. Smith as he teaches the people of God … including you and me … compassion’s potential!

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