'There is a reason,' says cancer survivor Powers

Sun Prairie Today

June 23, 2008

'There is a reason,' says cancer survivor Powers Photo
When veteran radio broadcaster Mike Powers learned he had prostate cancer, the news left him in shock.”The word cancer is very daunting — it’s very scary,” he said. “You start to wonder, Lord, how long am I going to be in this world? Are my days numbered?”

Powers, an on-air personality for WNWC in Madison (WI) and long-time voice of Sun Prairie (WI) Cardinal football on KSUN-12, relied on his Christian faith more than ever to get through the tough times.

“I had all of these discussions with God,” he told an audience gathered at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Sun Prairie, WI) Sunday evening for a concert to support the local chapter of Relay for Life. “He just revealed so much to me.”

In February, Powers had prostate surgery. “As of right now, I’m cancer free,” he told the group, receiving a large round of applause.

We don’t always know why things happen, but there is a reason, said Powers. “God is doing all kinds of things in our lives with the experiences he presents us with.”

One of those experiences for Powers will be serving as an honorary chair of Relay for Life in Sun Prairie (WI).

Another experience will have an even broader impact. Powers has been chosen by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar to write a chapter in his upcoming book, “Embrace the Struggle.”

“His daughter contacted me shortly after she heard my story,” said Powers. “She said, ‘you’ve interviewed my father a number of times. You just really impressed our spirit with what God did with you. We’d like to add [your story] to our new book.'”

Editor’s Note: Mike Powers is Executive Vice President of Media for Eagles In Leadership.

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