Transformed Podcast: Episode #037 – For a Few Dollars More …

Ron tells us that recently …

“A couple came into my dealership and picked out a car they wanted to purchase. When negotiations on the price came to standstill I was called in to try to close the deal.

“We live on a limited income,” the husband kept insisting. “We can’t afford to pay that much money.”

“I quoted our best price in writing, and no one spoke for several minutes. Then the wife moved the paper I had placed in front of them.

“Noticing this, I complimented her on an exquisite diamond ring she was wearing.

As the husband finally picked up a pen to sign the purchase agreement, he mumbled to her, “Why didn’t you leave that thing at home?”

Hypocrisy has a way of exposing us in the worst possible times, as we will see in today’s episode, “How to Avoid Being a Hypocrite!”

As we listen today, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Transformation Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, California reminds us that the last place we want to be found out as a pretender is by lying to God and to his people about our giving.

Today’s episode is hosted by Mike Powers, edited by Tabitha Grace Smith. Music for this episode was obtained from the Podsafe Music Network – “By Your Love” by Matthew Casteel, his website is

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