Transformed Episode #032 – Are You Enjoying God's Refreshing?

Transformation is the ‘end-game’ of all of God’s work … to be made into the image of Jesus Christ, His Son is both God’s deepest desire and goal for our lives.

In today’s episode, “Are You Enjoying God’s Refreshing?” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Transformation Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, California explains this process of transformation from Acts 3.

As Dutch Sheets explains in his book, The River of God, “though true repentance and turning bring forgiveness, God’s goal is much loftier than this. He’s shooting for transformation. When we receive revelation from Him, enabling us to see our conditions from His perspective, this unveiling also reveals His grace and redemption to us. We see our need, but we also see His provision. The exposing and humbling of self with the counteraction of God being exalted allows the release of grace. His grace than empowers and enables us to effectively “turn and go the other way.”

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