Transformed Podcast: Episode #028 – Do We Possess the Power of God?

Have you ever run out of gas? So many of us have! It seems we love to test the limits of our car’s gas tank! When we do, we miss all sorts of opportunities in life because we are either waiting for someone to bring us more gas, or we are walking to the nearest station to fill up our gas can. Life is lost when our tank runs out!

In the final analysis, many of us are spiritually running on empty every day. And the reality is, lives are lost when our spiritual tank runs out! We miss so many of God’s opportunities to share the wonderful works of God because we are testing the limits of our spiritual tanks!

In today’s episode, “Do We Possess the Power of God?” Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Transformation Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, California examines the results of being filled with the Holy Spirit from the book of Acts, chapter 2.

Let’s listen now as he explores the dramatic effects of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Today’s episode is hosted by Mike Powers, edited by Tabitha Grace Smith. Music for this episode was obtained from the Podsafe Music Network – “By Your Love” by Matthew Casteel, his website is

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