Transformed Podcast: Episode #023 – Are We Focused on Jesus’ Highest Priority?

Have you discovered the purpose for which God has created you yet? Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Transformation Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes, California begins a brand new series today. In this series, he intends to help us discover and live out the grand purpose for our lives.

What a great theme to start the New Year with! In today’s episode, “Are We Focused on Jesus’ Highest Priority?”, Dr. Smith takes us to the core purpose of Jesus Christ in these last days: The Kingdom of God. He is assisted with this message by his good friend, Dave Pearce, who sits by him at a table throughout the delivery … wanting to be fed! The laughter you will hear will most likely be Dave wanting more of the food that Pastor Matt is feeding him throughout the presentation. Dave illustrates our greatest obstacle to living for the kingdom of God … but I am getting ahead of myself.

Now, let’s open our Bibles to Acts 1 and allow Pastor Matt to encourage us as he speaks to the congregation in Palos Verdes about the highest priority of a life lived for Jesus!

Today’s episode is hosted by Mike Powers, edited by Tabitha Grace Smith. Music for this episode was obtained from the Podsafe Music Network – “By Your Love” by Matthew Casteel, his website is

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