Doc and Kate’s Wedding Page!

Minutes after Doc proposed to Kate!

The Wedding and Reception Will Be in Uganda

The Wedding with be August 10, (Saturday), at 12:00 noon – Wedding Ceremony will take place at Gospel Assembly Church – Kampala in Makerere, Uganda near MBI.

The Reception will be August 10, (Saturday), starting at 4 pm – 10 pm – at Kembabazi Catering Center, Plot 85-87, Katalima Rd, Kampala, Uganda.

For our American friends, Ugandan culture has the groom pay for everything involved in the marriage, including the wedding, the reception, transport of the family, and, of course, the honeymoon. This is much different from American culture. 

Also, it is in keeping with African tradition to ask friends to help meet these costs. So, if you choose to give a gift to help, please scroll down to that information below. 

Doc and Kate Will Set Up a Home In Uganda For the Duration of the Visa Process

Once Doc returns to the USA on October 1, he will file papers for Kate’s Visa of immigration. This process can take 13 – 15 months and is in two stages: The Acceptance Stage which tells us that her Visa paperwork is in order (about 7 months) and The Approval Stage which finally allows Kate to come to the USA as a Green Card holder (about 6 months).

So, in the meanwhile, Doc and Kate will set up a home (apartment or small house) in Kampala so that when he is there, they have someplace their own. (Doc will plan to travel to Uganda and back to the USA throughout that time period for his job commitments.)

If You Can’t Come But Want to Give a Gift!

Many have already asked since they cannot come but wanted to give a gift, what can they do since it’s difficult to send things to Uganda (and Doc has everything he needs in the US). If you were thinking of giving a gift, we would appreciate a gift of cash to help us with setting up a home in Uganda until Kate’s immigration is processed! As you can imagine, there are costs involved in both sides of the process – the marriage side and the home side.

If You Would Like to Give a Cash Gift

You are welcome to do so through one of many ways:

  • Facebook Messenger Cash: Simply go to Doc’s profile, Matthew Lee Smith to start a chat, and click the Money Icon at the bottom of the chatbox. Then type in the amount you would like to give us.
  • Cash App: Using this app, go to Matthew Smith, user name:$drmattphd, and send the money to us through that app.
  • PayPal: Just use this link to send us money.
  • Google Pay: Also known as (Wallet), AKA: Android Pay. Just send us the money to: (
  • Zelle: Just message Doc and he will let you know the details for this app.
  • WorldRemit: Doc’s profile is Matthew Lee Smith. Just message Doc and he will let you know the details for this app.
  • Walmart2Walmart: You can transfer money from Walmart to Walmart (Doc uses: 1301 N Victory Pl, Burbank, CA 91502)
  • Snail Mail: You can send it USPS to Doc at 249 N Park View Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Your Prayers Are Greatly Appreciated!

As in all things, especially in this amazing and supernatural connection set up by God, Kate and Doc so desire your prayers. We first and foremost want to glorify our Lord and King, Jesus, in all things!

We also would ask that you pray for the many decisions and choices being made both for their marriage and then their ministry. Doc and Kate will be doing ministry starting at the end of the month of August and throughout September in Uganda and Kenya. More about that can be found here at their GoFundMe page! Click the link to see the GoFundMe page to discover more about Mission Uganda.


And, of course, please pray for the Visa process. This is a difficult process, one Kate and Doc have discussed at length repeatedly. They are aware of the separations and the length of time involved, and they are determined to see God’s Will for their lives through.